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84                        THE FATE OF MAN

as though the early conflict of tribe and race
which preceded the formation of nationalities
was being reborn as a cultural-historic form.
We might be at the very beginning of the Middle
Ages. The results of the Christian-humanistic
process of unifying humanity seem to be dis-
appearing. We are witnessing the paganization
of Christian society. Nationalism is polytheism:
it is incompatible with monotheism.

This process of paganization takes shocking
forms in Germany, which wishes no longer to
be a Christian nation, has exchanged the swastika
for the cross and demands of Christians that
they should renounce the very fundamentals of
the Christian revelation and the Christian faith,
and cast aside the moral teaching of the Gospels:
France was long ago de-Christianized, but she
was so thoroughly penetrated by humanism and
enlightenment that she has been prevented from
becoming a pagan nation. In Germany, where
humanistic enlightenment was always weak, a
religion of pagan particularism is attempting to
overthrow Christian universalism. The spiritual-
personal concept of man is being replaced by the
naturalist and zoological, and the same methods
are employed for the regulation of human life as
those employed in stock-breeding. The methods
proposed for the development and preservation
of a pure German race are very similar to those